Bash Script: HexConv

This is a quick post to say that I have recently created a command-line tool written in Bash called ‘HexConv‘. The script will take a hexadecimal string and convert it into its ASCII, Decimal and Binary equivalents.

I found a need to make this tool as I would always end up using an online converter to perform the same function, which wasted too much time and were not always guaranteed to work properly (some of the online ones I tried did not allow hexadecimal strings over a certain length). Since most forensic analysts will spend a lot of time looking at hexadecimal strings, I thought a command-line tool that does these conversions for you offline would be useful, especially when conducting a forensic analysis on-the-go.

Just to remind everyone; the script cannot convert hexadecimal into binary without the ‘bc’ package installed on your system, which should be as simple to install as most distributions should have ‘bc’ in their default repositories. Also, the script will only work on Bash shells due to compatibility issues with some arguments of ‘echo’.

You can check out the script on my GitLab repo here.

Thank you for reading!