Welcome to TM4n6!

I created this website so I would have a place to post my thoughts, research, experiments and analysis in the field of Digital Forensics and Incident Response.

Any scripts or programs I create to supplement content, or am experimenting with in my spare time, will be uploaded to my GitLab page.

Please note that the majority of my content is centered around the usage of the Linux Operating System and thus you may notice that I often attempt to find ways to perform traditional forensic analysis techniques using Linux as a host machine, rather than the more commonly utilised Windows-based tools. My go-to Linux distribution is anything Red-Hat based, such as CentOS or Fedora

I highly encourage readers to perform their own research and analysis and not take everything they read at face-value. I always attempt to cross-reference reliable and verifiable resources at the time of writing content, however, please perform your own tests and research before taking anything you read on this website, or indeed any other website, as definitive.

If you would like to contact me, please use the email form found in the ‘contact‘ section at the top of the page. Also feel free to message me on Twitter, my handle is simply @TM4n6.



I would like to inform readers that the content, thoughts, and opinions expressed on this website belong solely to me, and are not reflective of those belonging to my employer.