Welcome to TM4n6!

I created this website so I would have a place to post my thoughts, research, experiments and ramblings.

The majority of the content is primarily focused on all areas of Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), which I consider to be my main specialisation. However, I am not limited to posting exclusively about digital forensics and may cover content such as:

  • The Linux Operating System
  • Data Recovery
  • Malware Analysis
  • Programming in Low-Level Languages
  • Scripts I have written in Bash/Python
  • Network Analysis
  • Penetration Testing

I am very fond of using open-source software in the command-line to perform forensic analysis. I think it is very important for both prospective and experienced analysts alike to understand how these forensic tools work from a low level perspective.

My go-to Linux distribution is anything Red-Hat based, such as CentOS or Fedora.

I have a rudimentary understanding of the C and x86_64 Assembly languages but my scripting abilities are a bit more advanced, especially in BASH and Python.

I hope you find my content enjoyable as well as informative and if you want to contact me, please take a look at the ‘contact’ section.

Thanks for reading!


External Links

I have a GitHub page, where I semi-regularly post semi-useful scripts and programs that sometimes pertain towards forensics:

TM4n6 GitHub

I also have a Twitter account, which I primarily only use to follow other experts/organisations in the DFIR industry:

TM4n6 Twitter